Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Book Review: The Tome of Syyx by Stavros Saristavros

Title: The Tome of Syyx (The Fateful Force Series, Book 1)

Author: Stavros Saristavros
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Self-published - Copyright 2022
Publication Date: April 1, 2022
Read: Sept. 13-Oct. 19, 2022
Disclaimer: Author requested a review and sent a free paperback copy. All opinions are my own.

Synopsis from Publisher: Ancient evils stir. Deals must be brokered. But who can be trusted?  

On the fringes of civilization, the town of Sanctuary embarks on a mission to legitimize its existence and that of its monstrous inhabitants. 

Under the Leadership of its Mysterious Lord, four young adventurers set out from the town on a dangerous mission into the Wild Moor. 

But they discover that armies of orcs and hobgoblins are far from the only threats to the Free Cities of the frontier. Ancient evils stir, dragons are rumored to once again fly, and an imprisoned god returns to plague the world. 

Unlikely alliances must be forged and rivalries put aside. But not all Friends are what they seem…

Review: Fantasy is my first love among all genres. From childhood, I've loved stories of valiant heroes, epic evilness, and fantastical lands populated by denizens who may or may not be human. Throw in a dragon (or two) and an ancient death god, and you've got The Tome of Syyx by debut author Stavros Saristavros. You've also go the beginnings of one helluva a great

(One item I'd like to mention before continuing with my review, Saristavros gives thanks in his Acknowledgements to a few people, including his wife, for providing time and inspiration for the book through Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. I'm a huge D&D fan and have been playing since I was ten. I can definitely see the D&D-inpsired elements in The Tome of Syyx, and I love them! Yes, I totally geeked out over the D&D elements. And, yes, the fact that the book arrived signed and with an inscription only made me geek out even harder. What can I say? I'm a dork. Now, on with the review...)

The Tome of Syyx opens with an epic battle, and Saristavros's writing paints a clear picture of the events to the point I could smell the smoke from the fires, hears the battle cries of the combatants, and taste the acridness of....well, I probably shouldn't mention that because potential spoilers. Let's just say, I was completely in the moment while reading the prologue.

The writing continued to paint vivd pictures throughout the book. Never did I feel as though I was a reader scanning words on a page. I felt as though I was in the scene with the characters, taking part in battles, sharing drinks in taverns, celebrating victories, and commiserating losses. Multiple points of view give depth to the story and keeps the reader on their mental toes wondering who can be trusted, how will the story end, and most importantly, when will book two be released because by the end of The Tome of Syyx you'll be so invested in the characters and world you'll want to keep reading and reading and reading and... You get the idea.

The Tome of Syyx is an emotional rollercoaster interspersed with high-stakes battles, intrigue, and a cast of lovable characters. I can't wait to see what the next installment will bring.

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